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Uche Eboh

Uche Eboh, SRA, MBA, has over 15 years' experience as residential and commercial appraiser as well as years of knowledge in real estate development and renovation.

Mr. Eboh holds SRA designation and has been engaged in various types of residential properties and commercial real estates. Mr. Uche's vast experience includes valuation and consultation on wide array of real states involving complex residential dwellings, proposed manufactured homes, multi-family, single family subdivisions, office warehouse, office buildings, condominiums, Cooperative housing, mix use properties, vacant Lands, and single-family residences. Mr. Eboh is a foreign graduate with a degree in Electrical/electronic engineering. Furthermore, he graduated from Wayland Baptist University in 2018 with Master of Business Administration - emphasis on Project Management. Prior to co-founding Ebony Appraisal Group, Mr. Eboh worked at Integra Realty Commercial appraisal and Kobi Group. He has served on numerous professional boards, and a member of South Plain chapter of Appraisal Institute. Other interests of Mr. Eboh include travelling, hunting, soccer, reading, and voluntary services.